2019 – Convertible Models

All the BMW Convertible models that were given full inspection and refabrication during 2019.

2002 Schwarz M3 Convertable

Now that the fundamental issues impacting this BMW E46 M3 have been completely addressed, this car will now be worry free for its foreseeable future.

With this convertible being heavily modified, the car had to have the rear end completely stripped down.

The amount of welding and fabrication required was immense!

The RACP was repaired and completely stitch welded. It had PSDesigns V2 reinforcement plates added with a "WeldTech Internal Brace" linking the V2 plates directly to the chassis. Along with powerflex shocker mounts, adjustable lower arms, also supplied by PSDesigns and various other replacement genuine brushes, bearings and diff seal. The rear end of this car has now been completely transformed.

Mileage - 80k

Labour - 47hrs

Customer Quote "I would highly recommend him. I can happily say his work ethic is second to none. I was going to originally scrap the car for parts but I'm so happy I didn't now. The work and quality is amazing. I was sent photos regularly. They say you only get what you pay for and boy I definitely got what i paid for just look at the quality of the welding it speaks for itself. He brought my car back to life.Thank you, well worth going to this garage"

2004 Silber-grau M3 Convertable

This Silber-grau BMW M3 convertible has been kept completely original since it was built in 2004! On this particular rear end restoration we used genuine BMW OE parts and colour matched our products to ensure the underside remained as original as the bodywork. Using PSDesigns V2 chassis reinforcement plates, our restoration procedure has ensured this car will continue to be unique, and as original as possible for years to come.

Mileage - 117k

Labour - 26.1hrs