Full Chassis Inspection

Our 2.5 hour inspection provides the opportunity to thoroughly check the true condition of your vehicle.

We frequently see collapsed jacking points, usually caused by incorrect lifting/jacking of the vehicle. Unfortunately, like any vehicle it is possible that your E46 may have had a "hard life" prior to your ownership, corrosion can affect any vehicle and a BMW is no exception, corrosion in the location may weaken the area to the point of failure, which should be prevented or addressed when possible.

We remove the rear seats during inspection allowing us to drill a small inspection hole, this enables us to use our digital borescope (flexible camera) to inspect the internal areas of the RACP (Rear Axle Carrier Panel) and record, in high definition, any issues hidden internally.

The car is then placed on to the ramp to perform a final inspection to confirm the extent of any defects. This requires lowering of the rear differential carrier to clean the potential areas of failure (cracking) and inspect for cracks/broken spot welds and assess the extent of any corrosion.

Following the inspection, an accurate quotation can be produced, enabling the customer to make a decision on the repair action. This is a great opportunity to discuss any additional requirements you may have (powder coating of parts or up-rated bush replacement for example). This also ensures that we can provision adequate time for the work required and avoid any delays in the repair process.