Standard Reinforcement Repair

Our standard repair price for repairing failure of the rear axle carrier panel (Sub frame cracking) starts from just £1,200 and includes the V2 Chassis repair plates supplied by PSDesigns, welding of all cracks in the area of the reinforcement, corrosion control (primers, paints and sealants), brake bleed, vehicle valet, and full wheel alignment, a true drive-in, drive-out service!

Additional costs maybe incurred if further defects in other areas of the axle carrier panel are encountered. For example:- additional cracking, metal panel damage in cavities that are hidden in the boot and under the rear seats. To minimise this potential cost a full WeldTech vehicle inspection is required before any work can commence. This ensures that the work required is accurately priced from the start.

During repair all parts are removed from the vehicle, which are then stored in a purpose built area, free from dust and dirt.

Our custom-built rig will hold your complete rear axle and allow us to undertake any work required. For instance, replacing differential seals, trailing arm brushes, diff carrier bushes, brake servicing or any other upgrades requested.

We advise you prior to us taking your vehicle in for repair to make sure your fuel tank is as low as possible. We always remove the fuel tank prior to any welding work, this should be done as a matter of course.

The failure of the RACP potentially impacts the entire BMW E46 model range, as a result of this, a number of companies are now providing a variation of repair services. However, not all of these services are equal! Unfortunately, some only cover the visible damage and not the root cause. They either use substandard repair plates or basic resin injection, which is only a temporary fix and will prevent future cost effective weld repairs.

In our opinion these cars will need a complete panel replacement in the future. The man hours required to remove defective repair plates and the limitations caused as a result, will restrict the ability to weld correct repair plates onto the vehicle. In addition, welding to a resin filled floor is unsafe. This is a quick fix that will only cost more in the long term and should be avoided.

With the use of PSDesigns chassis plates you can relax in the knowledge that this is a job that will only have to be undertaken once. This will safeguard the future of your BMW E46 for many years to come and protect your investment in one of BMW's most rewarding driver's cars.

For up-rated M3 and track cars we offer an upgrade in the form of "WeldTech Internal Brace", this links the V2 reinforcement plates directly to the chassis. This addition can only be fitted after all the cracks and spot-welds have been addressed along with the fitment of the V2 plates.