Internal Brace

For up-rated M3 and track cars we offer an upgrade "WeldTech Internal Brace" to link the V2 reinforcement plates directly to the chassis. This addition can only be fitted after all the cracks and spot-welds have been addressed along with the fitment of the V2 plates. The fitment of the internal brace takes 10 hours.

We aim to make these cars better than they were originally designed. Our Internal Brace allows us to link the PSDesigns V2 reinforcement plates directly to the chassis, forming a very strong "box section". Its design intent is not only to further reinforce the area but also to remain hidden, keeping the boot clear and in it's original condition.

3.7.19 a
3.7.19 b

V2 Reinforcement Plate fitment

PSDesigns V2 plates are an essential part in ensuring the strength is upheld in the rear axle carrier panel (RACP).


What app pic 3 Reinforcement plates

PSDesigns Strut Brace

PSDesigns Strut Brace (To be composed)

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After every quote all parts are ordered in a week before the car is delivered. This ensures there is no delay in starting the process. As you can see these products are of the highest of standards.

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